NSS (National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)


  • Motto of NSS: “NOT ME BUT YOU”
  • Goal : Education through community
    service and community service through Education
  • Overall objectives: Development of
    students’ personality through community service.

The programme of NSS –

The NSS programmes undertaken either under
regular or special camping covered different aspects like improvement of the
campus, construction of play grounds and roads, education of illiterates,
health, hygiene, sanitation, women empowerment, Right to Information Act etc.
It also took up awareness programmes like AIDS, Education for all, campaign
against domestic violence and blind beliefs, global warming and environmental
pollution etc.

Programme Officer:

a. Male Unit-I- Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bhoi , Lecturer in Odia

b. Male Unit-II- Sri Lingaraj Behera, Lecturer in Odia

c.Female Unit-III- Smt. Mandakini Meher, Lecturer in Odia 

Major Activities

       Environmental related programmes:


Ø  Observance of Van Mahostsava Week

Ø  Save Forest Save life Campaign

       Orientation Programmes and Swachha Bharat Aviyan

       Health Awareness programmes:

Ø  AIDS Free Society

Ø  Sanitation

Ø  Prevention against Dengue and Malaria

       Blood Donation Camp

       Literacy Awareness Programme

       Active Citizenship Programme

       Special Campaigning Programme in adopted village

       Historical Sites Preservation


       Disaster Management and Training Programme